Cyber Bee provides services to defend customers organizations against advanced, evasive malware that cause costly data breaches. Cyber Bee can provide the best defence against, and the most complete visibility into the behaviour of advanced malware, eliminating data breaches, therefore saving money and time for customers, while protecting their valuable data and brand reputation.


Cyber Bee is committed to satisfying customer needs from the preliminary analysis to the project planning, from the reliable solutions to the plan implementing, from monitoring to the final project audit. Cyber Bee provides also best investment advice to the customer according to their needs.


With our expertise we can help companies in selecting the best security solutions to equip themselves with appropriate threat prevention tools and methodologies. We carry out a monitoring of criminal activities both at source and by threats assessment, as provided by international standards (ISO 31000; 2009, ISO 27000).
We provide Cyber Intelligence and Cyber Risk services in real-time

Network Security

We provide a valuable and efficient Security network for a multilevel protection system. We support companies in the NOC (Network Operation Center) fulfilment and maintenance as well as the configuration and check of the security systems (Firewall, ID, IPS).

Data Security

We devise and planning strategy of risk to implement an effective sensitive corporate data protection using the best encryption technologies and loss prevention.

Security Awareness

We provide professional training and certification courses focused on major IT/ICT and Cyber security issues.
Corporate Governance, Compliance Testing, Analysis & Education.

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