R1 Property s.r.l. is the operating lease specialized company of the Group R1.
R1 is the principal owner of R1 Property and it indicates strategies and manages administration.
R1 property was created in February 2010 from an entrepreneurial intuition that individuated a terrific business opportunity arising from the continuation of the economic crisis. This choice characterizes more and more R1 group as a serious and reliable partner to plan, implement and manage IT asset. R1 Property s.r.l. is not bounded by any exclusive agreement with banks or vendors that’s guarantee

Operating Leases

Operating leases, sometimes called service leases are used for short-term leasing and often for assets that are high-tech or in which the technology changes often, like computer and office equipment. The lessee uses the property but does not take on the benefits or drawbacks of ownership, which are retained by the lessor. The rental cost of an operating lease is considered an operating expense.


The current situation

The current economic situation, still unsettled and uncertain, leads to constant research by companies and professionals to defer as much as possible, payments to suppliers. Even more earnings decrease caused a substantial reduction of liquid resources to invest directly in the company and a constant and massive recourse to the creditmarket to find new ones. The research often results in a refusal by banks to grant further payment extensions or new credit.


The benefits of R1 Property operating lease

  • FLEXIBILITY: the number items rented can be modified, increasing or decreasing it
  • TAX ADVANTAGE: lease instalments are fully deductible whatever the length chosen, as for any user, because client pays for the use of the asset and not for the acquisition of its property.
  • PLANNING: because of the fixed monthly costs
  • ASSET: corporate asset available for further uses
  • OBSOLESCENCE: technological refresh is allowed on on-going basis
  • DISPOSAL: At the expense of the lessor

R1 Property – VAT 10852881001